More Funrides….

More Funride dates for your diary. CountryStyle will be printing onsite at all these funrides. Our three, four and five image montages will be available on the day as usual, and all purchased photographs will be uploaded to our facebook page that evening for you to tag and share.

All we need now is for the sun to keep shining…

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2014 Funrides…the story so far!

Funrides! Funrides! Funrides!

We love Funrides!Shropshire Event Photographer

2014 looks great for funrides…so far we have:

Sunday 6th April…Worthen Funride organised by SSH and Worthen Toddler Group

Sunday 27th April…Eaton Mascott Funride organised by the South Shropshire Hunt

Sunday 1st June…Habberley Funride

Sunday 8th June…Monkhopton Funride organised by the Wheatland Hunt

Sunday 21st September…Wrekin Funride organised by the South Shropshire Hunt

Sunday 5th October…Eaton Mascott Funride organised by the South Shropshire Hunt

Sunday 12th October…Pink Funride at Berriewood Farm, all proceeeds to Breakthrough Breast Cancer

We have room for plenty more so keep ‘em coming! :)


Whats Going on…

Our new young photographer Abigail is coming along nicely. Her dressage photographs are fresh and original…Shropshire Event photographer

Being a horse rider herself she knows a good position when she sees it…

Shropshire Event Photographer

and she even manages to capture the spectators unawares…

Shropshire Event photographer

Yes she is coming along nicely!

We shall be keeping both Abigail and Richard busy in the coming weeks. This weekend we are looking forward to the BE Horse Trials at Radfords, Llanymynech…could be a bit breezy unless this wind drops.

Next Sunday 19th May we have the Isle Funride at Bicton…always an enjoyable and popular funride.

We have two events at Tedsmore coming up…showjumping on the 25th May and another Gallops Open Day on the 1st June to include cross country fences, brush fences, showjumping and lots more. It was great last time so don’t miss it!

Other dates for your diary include:

The Habberley Funride on Sunday 2nd June.

The Wheatland Hunt Funride at Monkhopton near Bridgnorth on Sunday 2nd June.

The Orleton Park Funride, near Wellington on Sunday 9th June.

Express Eventing at Radfords, Llanymynech on Sunday 9th June.

Arena Eventing at Valley View on Saturday 22nd June.

And of course there is showjumping at Radfords every Tuesday evening and pleny of events at Tushingham Arena too.

So thats whats going on!

Funrides 2013…the story so far

Several times at recent events I have been asked when certain funrides are taking place this year. So because I know you like to be on the ball I have compiled a list of funrides that we shall be attending in 2013. There are more dates still to be added as they are confirmed, but these dates are correct as it stands at present.

The first of our funrides is at Eaton Mascott on the 7th April. The photographs below are from the Eaton Mascott Funride last April…what a lot of happy smiley people! :)

Please note that owing to the ground conditions the Eaton Mascott Funride has been rescheduled to 28th April.

CountryStyle Photography
CountryStyle Photography
_BST5460-Edit-EditStarting with the Eaton Mascott funride the dates we have so far are as follows:

Eaton Mascott Funride organised by the South Shropshire Hunt…7th April 2013

Please note that owing to the ground conditions the Eaton Mascott Funride has been rescheduled to 28th April 2013.

Isle Estate Funride organised by the North Shropshire Hunt…19th May 2013

Habberley Funride…2nd June 2013

Orleton Park Funride organised by the South Shropshire Hunt…9th June 2013

Isle Estate Funride organised by the North Shropshire Hunt…11th August 2013

North Shropshire Hunt Funride…1st September 2013

Hawkstone Scenic Funride…8th September 2013

Battlefield 1403 Funride organised by the North Shropshire Hunt…15th September 2013

Uppington Funride organised by the South Shropshire Hunt…22nd September 2013

Larden Grange Funride organised by the Wheatland Hunt…29th September 2013

Eaton Mascott Funride organised by the South Shropshire Hunt…13th October 2013
CountryStyle Photography

If you know of any other Funrides that could benefit from the services of CountryStyle Photography please feel free to put us in touch. We are always happy to help advertise the events we attend. We also upload all photos sold on the day to our CountryStyle Facebook page, that evening if possible, where they may be shared with friends. Our montages are very popular and, new for this year, we have your own phone app available for Android or iPhone displaying your favourite CountryStyle Photography images.

So, it may be snowing outside at present but I shall comfort myself with the thought that our first funride of the season is only seven weeks away!

Pretty in Pink….

Richard and I managed to be in two places at once last Sunday. I photographed the Habberley Fun Ride whilst Richard photographed the Pink Potter with the help of the intrepid Jack Sagar. An awful lot of hard work went into the organisation of the Pink Potter by Linda Sagar and the committee, assisted by Edward Tate from the Isle Estate who could not have been more obliging and helpful…so it was very nice to see the cars rolling up with their occupants and dogs wearing varying shades of pink. At the last count the Pink Potter raised around £2000 for Breakthrough Breast Cancer…

Shropshire Event Photographershropshire event photographershropshire event photographershropshire event photographer

The Habberley Fun Ride was well attended also, with spectacular views of the South Shropshire Hills.  All the riders taking part seemed to be enjoying themselves…

Shropshire Event PhotographerShropshire Event PhotographerShropshire Event Photographer

The photographs from both events can be found on the CountryStyle Photography website.

We have a nice varied weekend coming up. On Saturday 11th June we shall be alongside the River Severn at the Bridgnorth Regatta…and Sunday shall see us beside the sea in North Wales at the Kinmel Park Fun Ride. Hope this weather improves!